Below is an overview of the services and solutions POD France provides. At POD France, we have been serving [YOUR FIELD / YOUR LOCATION] since [DATE] and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the [YOUR FIELD] industry.

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From concept to completion our creative  design team can revolutionise your corporate branding or create a complete new  look. This can be developed right across the board, from stationery to  brochures, from an exhibition stand to a web site.
[PRICE/RATES given by E-mail following a brief description of your needs.]

Provide a variety of  multimedia products to support the ever increasing need for interactive  communication. » audio & video streaming » interactive presentations » multimedia CD-ROM & DVD » screen savers.
[PRICE/RATES given by E-mail following a brief description of your needs.]

We build useable and scaleable web sites  from a single brochure page to a database driven web application.

We combine professional web page design  with simple, guiding navigation and search engine optimisation to achieve a  highly visible web site.  

For web sites that require regular  updates and content changes we have a Content Management System (CMS) giving you  complete control over your web site content. All pages within your web site may be  edited using your browser, giving you the ability to make changes from any  computer with an internet connection.
The site itself, web pages, is the only factor which is variable, how many pages, pictures, links etc. I can just have you up and running with a basic site which you can maintain or I can do all the pages and layouts, also update them when required.

So it is difficult to give a price until I know what you require. This not a cop out its just how long is that piece of string. I have customers who do some and others who would not touch it and send me E-mails of what they want added or updated. The best way to look at this is about an A4 page will be €30 depending on the amount of text, pictures, animation etc.

Fast and reliable UK based web  hosting

  Our web servers are housed in a  multimillion pound UK data center and are configured to give your web site and E-mail great reliability.

  The data center benefits from multiple  internet connections and firewall's, onsite backup power generation, fire  suppression systems, intrusion detection and 24/7 monitoring. We offer  load-balancing to maximise response and up times.

Spam, Virus protection and your own control panel enable you to control all aspects with statistics, even sending and viewing E-mail anywhere in the world.
The next thing is to give the name is space on the web, again this depends on how much space and what add-ons you require. The space will also give you E-mail and virus/ spam protection. I normally will set this up as standard for you also on a year by year basis. The cost for most of the sites is 150 + VAT per year.

This will give you all you need including statistics and control panel so you can access it from any where in the world.

[Design to finish. Logos, Posters, Leaflets, Menu's and cards, small in house printing to large scale runs.]
[PRICE/RATES given by E-mail following a brief description of your needs.]